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June, 18 2019

Snowflake: 3 Benefits of a Self-Adapting Data Warehouse

With the rise of new data streams, the ability to access more data and derive insights from it more quickly is critical. By 2023, worldwide revenue for big data solutions will reach $260 billion.* Dow[...] Read More

May, 09 2019

Snowflake: 6 Compelling Reasons to Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Are you extracting maximum insights from your data? You know crude oil is more valuable when it’s processed. Data is the same. It’s much more valuable when you can use it to drive your business forwar[...] Read More

March, 27 2019

Snowflake : Executive's Guide to Alternative Data Analytics

Investment managers are expected to spend more than $1.6 billion on alternative data sets in 2020. The sheer volume of data produced will necessitate a change in how businesses acquire, process, and u[...] Read More


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