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July, 16 2018

New study reveals enablers and barriers to achieving an enterprise digital transformation

Investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and Hybrid Cloud Cited as Drivers of Change A new study conducted by Corinium Digital and commissioned by Paxata, Accenture Applied Intelligence [...] Read More

July, 13 2018

Striking the Right Balance Between Edge and Hub

IoT projects are far beyond the pilot stage and have spurred IT leaders to implement hybrid strategies, processing some IoT data at the edge of the enterprise, while sending much of it to a central hu[...] Read More

May, 10 2018

The “New C” On The Block – The Chief Data Officer Explained

Ahead of Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Europe, held in Frankfurt later this year, one of our 30 expert speaker strong line up Norman Stuertz, CDO, Credit Suisse, wanted to share his thoughts on [...] Read More

May, 05 2018

Layer Up Your Security on World Password Day

Today is “World Password Day”, which is a yearly awareness day created by Intel in 2013 to highlight the importance of using secure passwords. With data being an organization’s most precious commodity[...] Read More

May, 04 2018

By Using Sentiment Analysis More Informed Your Organization Will Be: Lessons from Star Wars

Today is International Star Wars Day, or as many die-hard Star Wars fans out there refer to it as, “May the Fourth be With You” day. May 4th is an internationally recognized day that globally celebrat[...] Read More

May, 02 2018

6 Must-Have Skills to Look for When Building Your Dream Data and Analytics Team

As the CDO or CAO of your organization, building the right team to process and analyze the vast amounts of data you collect will no doubt be high up on your agenda. Recruiting those with the right ski[...] Read More

May, 01 2018

Business Analytics in the Machine Learning Era

 Read More

April, 18 2018

Can Artificial Intelligence Exist Without Human Interference?

Rewind back a few decades, and the term Artificial Intelligence was confined to the world of sci-fi and movies. Many of us watched “The Terminator” in awe at this augmentation of human and machine who[...] Read More

April, 15 2018

Face-to-Face with Data and Analytics Leaders [REPORT]

In a world where digital transformation is key, data & analytics plays a vital role in the success of organizations large and small. Utilizing them can unlock knowledge which can inform business d[...] Read More

April, 09 2018

5 Ways Synthetic DNA Could Transform the Storage of Your Data

Synthetic DNA data storage is one of the newest emerging ways to store data from tablets, smartphones and the “internet of things”, as well as from laptops and desktop computers. Although it is still [...] Read More


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