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December, 12 2019

What the Apple Card Controversy Means for Data Ethics

“There’s no gender bias in our process for extending credit,” Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon insisted in a recent TV interview. “We don’t ask, when someone applies, if they’re a man of a woman.” Read More

December, 09 2019

MEA Data Leaders Are Laying the Foundations for AI Success

With two thirds of data and analytics leaders investing in AI in the Middle East and Africa, we look at what businesses can do to ensure their initiatives succeed AI is now well into its ‘early adopti[...] Read More

October, 14 2019

Broadcast Media is Finally Embracing AI

Netflix’s recommendation engine may have made waves when the company’s streaming platform launched in 2010. But in the years that followed, the broadcast industry was surprisingly slow to adopt other [...] Read More

October, 08 2019

The Rise of Enterprise-Wide AI Adoption

Machine learning (ML) is driving AI adoption in business, with 80% of data and analytics leaders reporting that their organizations have already implemented ML initiatives, according to new Corinium r[...] Read More

September, 26 2019

The $7 Billion Alternative Data Explosion

Alternative data looks set to go mainstream. The term may have originally been used in reference to the non-traditional datasets hedge funds and investors use to get an edge on the markets. But the sh[...] Read More

August, 21 2019

Automated Business Analysis Is Spotting Insights Humans Missed

Data overload is a growing problem for enterprise businesses. Analysis teams must often work manually to navigate seas of data and generate the specific insights their colleagues request.It can take m[...] Read More

August, 16 2019

Five Ways AI is Changing Customer Service

AI is transforming the customer service profession. Gartner predicts that 15% of all customer service interactions will be handled using AI by 2021. That means half of all enterprises could be spendin[...] Read More

July, 17 2019

Ethics of AI

We’re just at the starting line of AI and already CDAOs are grappling with ethical dilemmas that create risk at all organisational levels. Poor AI governance can lead to significant reputational, mark[...] Read More

January, 16 2019

A response to Rob May

Ben Vigoda – Nov 20, 2018 – Read More

January, 10 2019

New Year, New… Data Trends for 2019

With ‘New Year, New Me’ on everyone’s lips and social media posts at the start of 2019 last week, we at Corinium decided we would have a look into ‘New Year, New Data Trends for 2019’ instead. Read More


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