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January, 16 2019

Voice of the customer: Why you need it an how to start your VOC program

Big Data Advanced Analytics CAO Spring 2019

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to understand your Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback and why this is important. What are your customers actually telling you and how do you analyze this information to g[...] Read More

December, 19 2018

Chief Data Analytics Officers & Influencers, Financial Services Speaker Interview: Andre Gaddis

Big Data Data Analytics

Andre Gaddis, Vice President, Data Analytics at Suncoast Credit Union Andre Gaddis, Vice President, Data Analytics at Suncoast Credit Union, explains why an agile data methodology has been life-changi[...] Read More

October, 17 2018

Asking better questions is a team sport

Big Data

There are exciting things happening in the workplace. As we move towards empowering teams closest to our customers, foster collaboration across organisational silos, the next question to consider is h[...] Read More

October, 15 2018

Changing the way business and data teams work

Big Data

Leaders underestimate and underutilize the collective power of their workforce. The way that we support business teams’ interaction with data teams will mean the difference between unlocking the huge [...] Read More

May, 15 2018

The Economist Special Report: AI and Business

analytics and data management Artificial Intelligence Big Data CAO CDAO CDO CDS Cloudera Data Analytics Machine Learning Report Trending Trending CAO Trending CDO Trending CDS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already changed the technology sector, helping to consolidate the reign of firms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, which embraced AI early so as to supercharge they'r[...] Read More

May, 11 2018

CCO Event Report: What we learnt at Chief Customer Officer USA 2018

Customer Experience/ Management Data Analytics Trending CCO Article CCO Customer Experience customer success Data Management Employee Engagement Machine Learning Report Reports analytics and data management Cognitive Thought Leader Series Analytics Big Data AI Artificial Intelligence empathy

  In anticipation of Chief  Customer Officer, Fall, which will take place in San Francisco, September 11-13, we re-visited some of the lessons learned at our CCO USA event, that took place in Miami, J[...] Read More

May, 04 2018

By Using Sentiment Analysis More Informed Your Organization Will Be: Lessons from Star Wars

Article Big Data CAO CDAO CDO CDS Data Analytics

Today is International Star Wars Day, or as many die-hard Star Wars fans out there refer to it as, “May the Fourth be With You” day. May 4th is an internationally recognized day that globally celebrat[...] Read More

May, 02 2018

6 Must-Have Skills to Look for When Building Your Dream Data and Analytics Team

Analytics Article Big Data CAO CDAO CDO CDS Data Analytics

As the CDO or CAO of your organization, building the right team to process and analyze the vast amounts of data you collect will no doubt be high up on your agenda. Recruiting those with the right ski[...] Read More

May, 01 2018

Business Analytics in the Machine Learning Era [Whitepaper][Partner Content]

Big Data CAO CDAO CDO CDS Data Analytics Machine Learning News Trending Trending CAO Trending CDO Trending CDS Yellowfin

  Read More

April, 18 2018

Can Artificial Intelligence Exist Without Human Interference?

Analytics Article Artificial Intelligence Big Data CAO CDAO CDO CDS Data Analytics Machine Learning

Rewind back a few decades, and the term Artificial Intelligence was confined to the world of sci-fi and movies.  Many of us watched “The Terminator” in awe at this augmentation of human and machine wh[...] Read More



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