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June, 21 2019

How Will Timeless Moments Assist Organisations In Gaining Their Competitive Advantage.

Customer experience is the only way that organisations are able to gain competitive advantage and hold on to their customers. It is the experience that customers have that will keep them coming back. Read More

March, 11 2019

Supercharging CX Measurement

We caught up with Clint Payne who is the Program Manager: Customer Experience at MultiChoice to find out what he will be speaking about at the upcoming Customer 360 Africa 2019 event. Read More

March, 06 2019

Embracing a purple cow into your kraal

Seth Godin is a prolific entrepreneur, renowned author and enthusiastic teacher. He continues to be eager to share his experience, knowledge, and insight about the business world and its ever-changing[...] Read More

February, 19 2019

Declutter Your Customer Experience

This is a contribution from Chantel Botha, Human Experience & Service Designer | Robotics Educator | CCXP, Brandlove Customer Experience. Read More

February, 13 2019

CX – where are we? - Joshua Knight, Jet Customer Strategic Analyst, Edcon

Ahead of Customer 360 Africa 2019, we caught up with Joshua Knight, Jet Customer Strategic Analyst, Edcon, to discuss his opinion on where Customer Experience is in South Africa today. Read More

February, 01 2019

Employees vs Customers | Why there shouldn't be a tug of war

By Jessica Matthysen, Head Customer Success, Alexander Forbes Empower. Read More

January, 08 2019

Culture… it’s not about feeling warm and fuzzy

Publication: FA News (English) Page: 10 Title: CULTURE is not the same as cozy... Publish Date: 01 November 2018 AVE: 21937.65 Author: Marno Boshoff Read More

January, 07 2019

CX Strategy according to Multichoice, Hollard, African Bank, FNB, ABSA, Comair, Uber and many more

Johannesburg, South Africa – Corinium Global Intelligence announced that it will be hosting an all-encompassing event, Customer 360 Africa 2019, that will cover all aspects of the entire customer expe[...] Read More

December, 03 2018

Measuring Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint of their Journey

Measuring your organisations customer experience as each touch point can be very tricky and complicated. We caught up with Clint Payne the Program Manager: Customer Experience of MultiChoice and got h[...] Read More

November, 27 2018

The digital clash of civilization in light of customer experience

The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and many forms of technology are being implemented to improve customer experience. With the density of social interactions, one must ask what role this will pl[...] Read More



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