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September, 16 2020

InMoment : The Case for CX Investment White Paper

Establishing ROI for customer experience (CX) program is one of the greatest challenges that CX practitioners face in the 2020 experience landscape. Across all businesses, the C-Suite leadership team [...] Read More

August, 24 2020

Guide: Adapting to rapid change - Partnered content with Zendesk

These days, getting customer support right is more important than ever. Companies must go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers, even as budgets tighten and workloads rise. How can sma[...] Read More

August, 20 2020

Report “Data Management for Advanced Analytics.” (TIBCO) 

With the diversity of advanced analytics tools on the market, how do you know which data management solution will work for your organization? Truth is, you just need to find the right one for your par[...] Read More

August, 18 2020

InMoment How to link CX to ROI: Your free eBook inside

Customer Experience (CX) Leaders across Asia-Pacific have been stretched to capacity through recent market turbulence and shifting business priorities. In a world where five star customer experiences [...] Read More

July, 28 2020

In this insightful fireside chat, we’re joined by Eva Ross, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Sendle

Eva shares what COVID-19 meant for them as a business, how they worked tirelessly to pivot to meet the customer needs of now, and how their communication strategy, sense of community, and their brand [...] Read More

July, 20 2020

InMoment - Showcasing Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROXI)

This is an adapted excerpt from InMoment’s new eBook “Evolving Your Customer Experience Program” Download here Even though it’s generally understood that experience management programs help businesses[...] Read More

July, 10 2020

DCO Insurance Benchmarks the Industry’s Digital Transformation Progress

After a slow start, the insurance industry is embracing digital transformation – and this digital event highlighted how the sector’s data and analytics executives are leading the charge Spurred on in [...] Read More

July, 10 2020

Video: Data Conversations Over Coffee with Max Metral (Formula 1)

In this episode we talk to Max Metral about how Formula 1 is still at the relative beginning of their data analytics journey. Read More

July, 08 2020

Farfetch CDO Kshitij Kumar: Data Availability has Never Been More Important

With data and analytics leaders across the globe transforming the way their businesses operate to meet the challenges of COVID-19, we caught up with Farfetch CDO Kshitij Kumar to get his take on what [...] Read More

July, 03 2020

Tips for Operationalizing AI from DCO Financial Services EU

Conversations at this two-day digital event centered around how to extract maximum value from financial services AI and analytics initiatives With the World Economic Forum reporting that 64% of financ[...] Read More


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