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June, 05 2019

Building Better Engagements With Your Employees

Tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up in your current role. Read More

May, 27 2019

Exclusive Q&A with Phillipa Cameron, CCO of Stuff NZ

Ahead of the Chief Customer Officer New Zealand conference, we caught up with Phillipa Cameron, Chief Customer Officer at Stuff NZ to discuss the biggest challenges she faces in her role, and how to t[...] Read More

April, 08 2019

Building your Contact Centre - The Key Takeaways from Telstra

Ahead of the inaugural Future Contact Centres Sydney event, we caught up with Michelle Shiers, Complex Customer Care Lead, Telstra to discuss their contact centre vision, their biggest takeaways from [...] Read More

March, 13 2019

Using Contact Centres as a foundation to improve CX

Ahead of the inaugural Future Contact Centres Sydney event, we caught up with Rod Netterfield, General Manager, Change and Customer Experience at Auto & General to discuss their contact centre vis[...] Read More

February, 22 2019

Exclusive Interview - Anouche Newman, CEO, CSIA

Ahead of the annual Chief Customer Officer Melbourne, we caught up with Anouche Newman, CEO of CSIA to discuss how organisations create memorable customer service engagements, how to demonstrate a lin[...] Read More

January, 28 2019

The Importance of Customer Level Analytics

Ahead of the annual Chief Customer Officer Melbourne, we caught up with Lionel Kho, Head of Portfolio Analytics & Insight, NAB to discuss what he sees as the biggest game changers in CX, the impor[...] Read More

January, 22 2019

Genesys State of Customer Experience Research Report

The Genesys State of Customer Experience research report is based on consumer and business findings related to customer experience. This initial global survey, executed on behalf of Genesys by an inde[...] Read More

December, 05 2018

Genesys : MIT Technology Review

Companies across the world are innovating with artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experience and forge deeper relationships with customers. Through surveys and interviews with 599 execut[...] Read More

October, 25 2018

Strativity - Harvard Business Review Reports

Please find below a link for two research reports co-developed by Harvard Business Review and Strativity Group. They outline how organisations are approaching customer centric strategy and organisatio[...] Read More

October, 22 2018

SAP Consumer Propensity Report Australia 2018

Australians love to shop online but what inspires a quick checkout and what drives consumers to walk away from their shopping carts? Brands everywhere are looking for ways to reduce cart abandonment b[...] Read More


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