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July, 28 2020

In this insightful fireside chat, we’re joined by Eva Ross, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Sendle

Eva shares what COVID-19 meant for them as a business, how they worked tirelessly to pivot to meet the customer needs of now, and how their communication strategy, sense of community, and their brand [...] Read More

July, 20 2020

InMoment - Showcasing Return on Customer Experience Investment (ROXI)

This is an adapted excerpt from InMoment’s new eBook “Evolving Your Customer Experience Program” Download here Even though it’s generally understood that experience management programs help businesses[...] Read More

June, 22 2020

Zendesk - Forrester: Responding, managing, and leading during a pandemic

As we come out of lockdown and ease our way into the new normal, effective communication and leadership is vital to a smooth transition. Forrester has surveyed hundreds of customers, employers and wor[...] Read More

June, 03 2020

Zendesk - Transitioning to and managing a remote workforce

Virtual teams present different challenges and opportunities from those of an onsite team - this is something we've all become acutely aware of in the last few months. The dynamic between managers and[...] Read More

May, 21 2020

Zendesk - The Impact of COVID-19 on CX

With the coronavirus outbreak, customer experience teams across the globe have had to rapidly adapt amid ticket spikes, customer cancellations, market volatility, and increased uncertainty. Each week [...] Read More

April, 20 2020

Covid-19 Has Already Changed CX Forever

With businesses scrambling to adapt to the realities of social distancing, we ask our network of CX leaders how they’re striving to meet their customers’ needs in the midst of the global pandemic Comp[...] Read More

April, 07 2020

Zendesk - Work From Home Tips

In these difficult times with more and more of us working from home, managing teams and being productive is an entirely new challenge for a lot of us. When working from home, it’s crucial that you kee[...] Read More

April, 03 2020

Four Key Takeaways from Customer Champions Online, USA

Corinium Production Manager Catherine King summarizes the key insights she discovered while moderating our first ever Customer Champions Online, USA event Incentivize Customer-Centric Sales Engagement[...] Read More

March, 16 2020

How to Know When the Customer Isn’t Right

Customer experience optimization initiatives that depend too heavily on customer surveys or focus groups can lead organizations to make poor business decisions When an executive wants to find out what[...] Read More

March, 11 2020

Why CCOs Must be ‘Corkscrew Thinkers’

With customer expectations rising higher than ever before, it’s never been tougher for organisations to deliver outstanding experiences. To succeed, CCOs need a healthy dose of what Churchill called “[...] Read More


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