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March, 13 2019

Using Contact Centres as a foundation to improve CX

Ahead of the inaugural Future Contact Centres Sydney event, we caught up with Rod Netterfield, General Manager, Change and Customer Experience at Auto & General to discuss their contact centre vis[...] Read More

February, 22 2019

Exclusive Interview - Anouche Newman, CEO, CSIA

Ahead of the annual Chief Customer Officer Melbourne, we caught up with Anouche Newman, CEO of CSIA to discuss how organisations create memorable customer service engagements, how to demonstrate a lin[...] Read More

January, 28 2019

The Importance of Customer Level Analytics

Ahead of the annual Chief Customer Officer Melbourne, we caught up with Lionel Kho, Head of Portfolio Analytics & Insight, NAB to discuss what he sees as the biggest game changers in CX, the impor[...] Read More

September, 21 2018

The Biggest Disruptors in CX

Ahead of the Chief Customer (CCO) Sydney, we caught up with Adrian Marr, Head of Customer Centricity at Laminex to discuss Laminex's approach to CX, the progression of CX over the past year, the bigge[...] Read More

August, 29 2018

What's next for CX?

Ahead of the Chief Customer (CCO) Sydney, we caught up with Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer at Pizza Hut Asia Pacific. We discussed how CX has progressed in the past 18 months, the biggest challen[...] Read More


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